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We believe passionately in protecting the environment while providing you with the world’s most cost effective and efficient technology for composite moulding . Bringing you lower cost with world class reusable vacuum closed moulding system that removes permanently the need for costly and environmentally unsound use and disposal of one-time-use composite consumable waste.

There is a constant desire to reduce wastage, save money and operate cleaner composite production. Alan Harper Composites exists to achieve this. We offer affordable hardware and new proven technology which is outside the box of existing conventional consumable production thinking.

Alan Harper
CEO & Founder

NISSAN SERENA FRONT END produced in complex 8 part mould by VPI
CTIM – Leading Malaysian Auto body parts manufacturer chooses Vacuum Press Infusion for the new front end Serena MPV model from Nissan and tuned by Hoshino Impul Co., Ltd ,

Raymond Siew, CTIM’s managing director, said “the success of production moulding such a complex part in the closed mould VPI process has now led us to further development and production application many of our other auto aerodynamic parts. We achieve more consistency over our former hand lay operation with greater production speed and almost net size, low wastage moulding.” CTIM were trained in VPI by our Malaysian technical SIFT center led by TK Lim in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.
We were pleased to recognise CTIM’s attention to detail and technical excellence in achieving series production, which in our opinion is one of the most complex closed liquid moulding composite parts we have ever witnessed. We were pleased to share and demonstrate our new MorphFlo™ technology with CTIM last week.
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Frederic RomierCongratulations Alan. Just adding that the fiber used was Saercore which performed well.2 months ago   ·  4
Scuba WalkerNow each infusion goes smoothly and perfectly.2 months ago   ·  1
John ZhangGood job Alan (y)4 weeks ago

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To infuse very high fibre content (circa 55%vf) has previously needed flow mesh , spiral wrap resin feeds and peel ply . Not anymore as optimised morphing runners (MorphFlo ™) eliminate all these costly and wasteful traditional flow enhancers . There are thousands of infusion moulders worldwide who will benefit from this innovation once they see it happening before their very eyes because just hearing about it sounds too good to be true. The system uses cleverly integral galleries behind the smooth and flat reusable vacuum membrane surface. These sealed galleries are pressure controlled to form resin highway networks distributing the resin very rapidly but made to morph flat, out of sight before the resin cures . No resin channel waste . No resin channel print through. No peel ply . No flow mesh, No spiral wrap. We'll be posting video before month end .
MorphFlo is a trademark of Alan Harper Composites Ltd also Design Rights 2015, 2016
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Vidya ChandrasekarThis should help grp industry , lower production cost time consuming .2 months ago
Vidya Chandrasekarlet me know somebody can guide us in making of carbon fibre cycle , car wheel hub kac@kacfibres.org2 months ago

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We are pleased to see so many expressing great interest and statements of "very clever" "a great innovation to the industry" when we explained the new Morphing resin runner system. Yes it is true that we can now show how you no longer need to use wasteful peel ply, flow mesh and resin filled spiral wrap and all the costly labour of fitting and removal after cure.

Stop wasting your money on traditional infusion techniques, upgrade to our morphing runners and increase your profits "overnight"
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