alan_harper_-_Alan-harper-composites-ltdHello, first of all I would like to thank you for visiting our website.

We believe passionately in protecting the environment while providing you with the world’s most cost effective and efficient technology for composite moulding . Bringing you lower cost with world class reusable vacuum closed moulding system that removes permanently the need for costly and environmentally unsound use and disposal of one-time-use composite consumable waste.

There is a constant desire to reduce wastage, save money and operate cleaner composite production. Alan Harper Composites exists to achieve this. We offer affordable hardware and new proven technology which is outside the box of existing conventional consumable production thinking.

Alan Harper
CEO & Founder

"A genuine expert. Fantastic products and systems. Helping move my business onto another level. Highly recommended." -Tristan White (from Ark Angels)

Thank you Tristan for your visit yesterday. Your new reusable vacuum membrane (pictured) has been made and is ready for your use! Just waiting for you to come with your special carbon fibre reinforcement, and we'll run the trials together.
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Revolutionary New Moulding Technology
Here's a resume of the message we present to the composites industry.
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Alan Harper Composites Ltd.VPI is a registered trademark of Alan Harper Composites Ltd . VPI are the letters describing the process of Vacuum Press Infusion. No more smelly laminating simply pour the resin under the membrane and let atmosphere do the work for you. It's a no brainer !!!!1 month ago

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We know you have an interest in composite moulding and possibly using either hand lay, infusion , RTM or prepreg in or out of Autoclave or are supplying these industries. The one single issue which binds us together is how to constantly improve and save costs.
We’ve been working now, for 5 years in creating ground breaking technology which allows big savings to be made in labour and materials to mould the most basic hand lay GRP cover or much more advanced prepreg wing sections of commercial airliners.
How this is achieved is based on the introduction of high temperature and robust self releasing vacuum membranes which are reusable up to 1200 parts as reported by some of our high output moulder clients.
Now there are some very worried suppliers out there who would give anything to dissuade you from even entertaining the idea of changing or increasing work with reusables as their continued business is based upon unsound but for them profitable business in continuing to supply consumables. Also we see major composite training and technical educational establishments not including in their curriculum the latest cost-saving technologies like this. The result is that many fully composite qualified new recruits entering industry are unfamiliar and ill-equipped in the latest art of moulding.
Next month Elsevier publish a major article on reusables and how they save money and reduce production cycle times along with a review of the major technical advances in reusable vacuum membranes.
If you have comments on this please write your feelings here .
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Tony BelleCant wait to do one off your courses and develop this process, Love it2 months ago

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Resin Infusion with Morph invisible runner
Approx 5 kg resin in 2 minutes in three stages . High fibre volume with multiaxial
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SirRijal ZikrullahMad Adam2 months ago   ·  2
André AntunesGreat video!! This shows very well how good morphing runners work!! Thanks for sharing.2 months ago

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Up near London last week with Dartford Composites Ltd to provide training on VPI . This rail carriage seat, a monolithic laminate of 3 mm in fire retardant resin, is moulded in minutes by our VPI process under a reusable vacuum membrane. Fill time under 8 minutes with negligible waste after pour of 2.2 kg mix. Vacuum does the rest.
Imagine laminating by hand lay into all those 45 tight corners to eliminate air. VPI fills with no air voids everytime and uses at least 20% less resin . Thanks to team Dartford Composites Ltd and chief, Mark Silvester for taking VPI to new levels.
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Scuba WalkerWay to go !2 months ago

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What is fiRST®

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