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We believe passionately in protecting the environment while providing you with the world’s most cost effective and efficient technology for composite moulding . Bringing you lower cost with world class reusable vacuum closed moulding system that removes permanently the need for costly and environmentally unsound use and disposal of one-time-use composite consumable waste.

There is a constant desire to reduce wastage, save money and operate cleaner composite production. Alan Harper Composites exists to achieve this. We offer affordable hardware and new proven technology which is outside the box of existing conventional consumable production thinking.

Alan Harper
CEO & Founder

Resin Infusion with Morph invisible runner
Approx 5 kg resin in 2 minutes in three stages . High fibre volume with multiaxial
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Up near London last week with Dartford Composites Ltd to provide training on VPI . This rail carriage seat, a monolithic laminate of 3 mm in fire retardant resin, is moulded in minutes by our VPI process under a reusable vacuum membrane. Fill time under 8 minutes with negligible waste after pour of 2.2 kg mix. Vacuum does the rest.
Imagine laminating by hand lay into all those 45 tight corners to eliminate air. VPI fills with no air voids everytime and uses at least 20% less resin . Thanks to team Dartford Composites Ltd and chief, Mark Silvester for taking VPI to new levels.
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Working with Princess Yachts International plc , Plymouth excellent progress continues in development proving reusable resin runners (MorphFlow) under standard consumable bags and to day we completed a 11 m2 bathing platform reusable vacuum membrane with built in Morphing resin runners. Just to remind everyone that the Morphing resin runner innovation provides rapid resin distribution during infusion and then, before resin gel takes place , the runner lays flat and eliminates any form of witness mark on the cured part. Result no solid spiral wrap to chisel off and no peel ply needed . We thank infusion team and ACC Silicones Ltd for their support in this new waste saving technology
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We feel passionately about saving our clients money by removing waste . Wasted resin to mould is money thrown away and our new crows foot resin feed is going a long way to eliminate resin waste . If your'e using infusion consumable bags but do not want to use spiral wrap with all that wastage and clean up then contact our team to step ahead of the others
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What is fiRST®

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