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We believe passionately in protecting the environment while providing you with the world’s most cost effective and efficient technology for composite moulding . Bringing you lower cost with world class reusable vacuum closed moulding system that removes permanently the need for costly and environmentally unsound use and disposal of one-time-use composite consumable waste.

There is a constant desire to reduce wastage, save money and operate cleaner composite production. Alan Harper Composites exists to achieve this. We offer affordable hardware and new proven technology which is outside the box of existing conventional consumable production thinking.

Alan Harper
CEO & Founder

Offtopic: Can thermoformed Polycarbonate better the properties of Fibreglass. Most importantly on the recyclibility aspect? Where is the future of FRP Heading? ... See MoreSee Less

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Using Saertex quadriaxial up to 3.5 kg /m2 fibre loading Rally Tech UK developed reusable vacuum membranes to streamline their production. High fibre content is important and the quadriaxial with Saerfix allows accurate placement and hold in these complex seat shapes. RallyTech client, Motordrive ltd, witnessed the reusable being manufactured this week at our Plymouth facility. The Saertex materials are available in UK from Christex Ltd. This mould reusable membrane has double "H" morph resin runners built in . Morph as some of you know means no peel ply needed as after infusion the runner flattens agaisnt the fibre leaving no trace of resin line. Exceptionally smart !!!
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Malaysia’s composite manufacturing community furthered its technology training with yet another excellent presentation by TK Lim , head of SIFT Center , Kuala Lumpur .Malaysia’s top academic college KKTM (Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi Mara) learnt the ease and flexibility of our fiRST moulding technologies. Trained in the modern methods of rapidly manufacturing three dimensional fitting reusable membranes the group witness for themselves how all types of fibre could easily be moulded under the same vacuum reusable.
Sift have now become our major training centre in the far east spanning from India through to Japan. Equipped with all the latest machines and ancillaries clients are brought up to date with reusable vacuum membrane technology through SIFTs training programs.
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MORPH RESIN INFUSION RUNNERS INSTRUCTIONS. UPDATES - Since last year's introduction of the innovative Morphing infusion resin runners, the company has updated the instructions and published to all their users. This design now eliminates wasted resin and exothermic print through as they leave no resin runner hardened resin witness on the B side of the moulded part. In certain instances, they also remove the need and cost of peel ply and flow mesh in composite liquid moulding processes. Call us today for full copy of latest manual.? show less ... See MoreSee Less

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“Simplicity, the true key to good design”
MAGLOC is a new composite mould air ejector comprising of just two hardened precision steel parts locked together with neodymium magnetism. This provides the simplest solution to construction and assembly bringing attractive low cost. Further more in contact with the cured moulding allows its 10mm diameter smooth face safely ejects the part locally to allow controlled high pressure air follow through to fully eject the component
After years of marketing more complex and pricy ejectors it was time to re-evaluate and innovate a simpler far less costly solution. The MAGLOC air ejector is the result bringing a robust, low cost alternative to market for the moulding community.
The mould builder can either mould MAGLOC into a composite mould or retrofit by sealing into a 13mm diameter hole. In operation the smooth mould side face is kept closed with strong magnetic force and operated to open with a strong tap to its base. Even thick and very rigid cured parts can be released.
Marketed at below £20 each the company predicts the MAGLOC becoming the mould air ejector of choice.
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What is fiRST®

fiRST is the most recent closed mould technology providing a clean and cost effective composite production process.

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