We are global leaders in reusable vacuum membrane technology – a world class closed moulding process that offers huge production cost savings and efficiencies over traditional composite moulding methods. Converting and supporting wet lay, resin infusion, LRTM and pre-preg part manufacturers with lower costs and protecting the environment with cleaner systems and greatly reduced waste.

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You will be amazed by our “morphing“ resin runner system where the reusable vacuum membrane actually can be made to form a resin flow channel but return to flat shape without wastage after resin fill. Unlike other consumable resin running systems, which can leave exothermic witness marks, waste resin and add time to clean-up processing after demould. The morph runner becomes a resin super highway (16mm wide channel) when required and is easily controlled to return flat after resin injection, pushing the remaining resin out of the channel and into the part, leaving no trace or clean-up processing.

The Morph Runner system is supplied in 3 convenient components, 2m lengths of straight channel, cross junctions and the Crows Foot resin feed. The channel and cross junction sections can easily be cut and pasted into any resin path configuration during vacuum membrane manufacture. The Crows Foot resin feed is an independent device that sits under the vacuum membrane and feeds resin into the Morph during injection.

Morph Runner 2m length – part number 102175

Morph Runner X Junction – part number 102177

Crows Foot Resin Feed – part number 102183

Featured Product


Try using Reflow moulded into membrane flow mesh as an alternative to one time use flow media. Cut the cost of your consumables, improve set up and clean up times by reducing processes and speed up infusion times.

Reflow is a patented texturized sheet to allow membrane building encapsulating 0.5 x 0.5 grooves at 1cm grid spacing. This provides inbuilt resin flow “mesh” which is reusable and not consumable. Peel ply may or may not be used in conjunction with this product. Reflow is available in convenient A4 size sheets and ordered in 1 m2 packs (16 sheets).  The thin sheets are simply fitted to the mould calibration with spray mount and coated with a wax release agent prior to membrane manufacture.


 Reflow part number 102153



Please visit us at the following demonstrations, workshops and composites industry trade shows


Calling all South West England composite moulders, see for yourself how reusables mould live!

  Demo Day Workshop – All local composite part manufacturers welcome                                                      Wednesday 30th August, Fibreglass Supplies Limited                                                                   Unit 1, 19 Alvington Street, Cattedown, Plymouth, PL4 0QL                                                                                          telephone 01752 658 498


              Composites Europe – Stuttgart, Germany – 19th, 20th & 21st September 2017                 Hall C2 Booth C13



Kompozyt Expo – Krakow, Poland – 11th &12th October 2017



             Composites Engineering (Advanced Engineering 2017) NEC, Birmingham, UK                1st & 2nd November 2017 – Stand O123

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COMPOSITES Show in Poland steals limelight
We thank the whole team at Ciech at the Kompozyt-Expo for helping us bring cost saving moulding technology to Poland as our competition looks on across the show corridor.
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Complex multisectional vacuum moulds.
Truckman, based in Dudley, is the UK’s largest manufacturer and distributor of hardtops and the
design of its Truckman Classic and Truckman RS hardtops have received iconic status in the pick-up industry.

As most in the sector will acknowledge, the complex GRP moulded hardtop designs do not lend themselves to traditional RTM and LRTM manufacture, as the face tool has to be split into several parts. Even infusion struggles in that consumable bagging simply do not add up to achieve the speed or lower labour cost demanded in this automotive market.

Truckman accepted the advantages of using an infusion method, but recognised it had to use reusables if it had any chance of meeting the manufacturing cost restraints in changing from hand lay to a closed mould technique.
As any moulder will know, split tooling presents challenges in complexity for closed mould vacuum production techniques. Especially the demand to easily achieve vacuum security, however, we had already redesigned clients hand lay split tooling to encompass the vacuum seal designs with great success. Working with Truckman’s Product Development Manager, Brett Hall and team, the seven-part split mould for the Toyota, double cab, the Truckman RS was modified to allow fitting of the multiple vacuum seals. Once installed, a complete seamless reusable membrane was manufactured on site in one day and infused the next day. In comparison to time-consuming hand lay this part needed less than 23 minutes to “laminate” including the cored roof zone. Nord 877 infusion resin was used and resin run out at the edges was minimal showing how efficient the system can be with the negligible waste of glass and resin.

Top marks go to Truckman for face mould quality and accessibility. Being able to lift and rotate the assembled mould with their own design mechanical lift arrangement ensured gel coat was applied accurately especially in the major hidden undercut sections. The team also extended this hand lay mould at the four split flange edges to accommodate the reusable membrane additional self-vacuum sealing.

The infusion strategy incorporates a cross flow Morph Runner™ system which during resin infusion “opens” to provide a 16mm channel over the fibre pack in the shape of a cross 1m x 1m flow pattern. Once the known amount of resin was fed in by the simple reusable funnel the 16 mm morph channel was made to close down and leave no evidence of hardened resin channel on the cured part.

Inspired by the immediate success of operating such a complex mould in a vacuum environment and appreciating its robust production design, Truckman are to continue developing the system across their range of hardtops.
We thank the whole team at Truckman for their enthusiasm, professionalism and trust in this new way of moulding. To our knowledge, no one else in the world has put such large and complex moulding design into closed mould production. With conventional infusion, using consumables It would have taken 2 operators to “bag up “ this design over an hour with constant concern of “bridging” in the internal undercut corners whereas the seamless three dimension shape provided by the reusable vacuum accurate membrane was laid down and under vacuum in less than 5 minutes.”
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Production cost savings using reusables...Why not give it a try?

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